Information Session on Quantum and Radiation Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering for September enrollment

Information sessions on the Department of Quantum and Radiation Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Prefecture University will be held with ZOOM meeting form for prospective students.

The 2nd. and 3rd. sessions will be held on
Monday, May 17, from 4:15 p.m.
Friday, May 28, from 4:15 p.m.

This session will introduce the research and educational content of our department, the career paths of its graduates, and information on entrance examinations and the procedures for taking them. Students in OPU and graduating students of other universities are also welcome. If you would like to attend, please send your name and affiliation to the address below in advance. We will send you an email with the zoom contact address. Please feel free to contact us for any other inquiries.

For inquiries: